Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem

B is 64 and cares for her daughter who is 41. Her daughter has mental health problems and physical health problems.  B also has her own health problems. Because of her daughter’s varying needs B cannot make plans as she doesn’t know when she will need to help her daughter.

A Support Broker met with B a couple of times to chat about how to help her to have breaks from her caring role, during these conversations it was discovered that B lacked confidence due to her poor literacy skills and this was impacting on her overall wellbeing and ability to cope as a carer, the support broker was able to identify suitable literacy classes and helped B book these.

It was also identified during the brokerage process that B really enjoys cooking but is lacking some basic cooking skills; the broker was able to identify suitable cookery classes for B to attend, B was delighted with this and is able to pay the small cost of this herself.

B also said that she felt that her life was one of a carer and nothing else and rarely felt that she had time to enjoy the things she used to love doing such as visiting the theatre.

B and her broker applied for a grant of £200 which would cover 3 massage therapies and 3 trips to the theatre which B could take throughout the year, this would allow B the opportunity to visit these places when time allowed.

Outcomes Achieved

Improved carer’s health, confidence and self-esteem.

Carer is more able to combine role of carer with social, leisure and learning opportunities.

Benefits of Brokerage

This process has identified a number of ways that Dundee Carers Centre could help this carer; this individual was able to access literacy classes and cooking classes to help improve her wellbeing as well as providing some therapies and trips that she could access during the year at short notice. The overall cost of these interventions is less than would have previously been the case prior to the new service and highlights the positive benefits that can be achieved both to the carer achieving outcomes and the cost of delivering these outcomes.