If you are looking after someone in Dundee and feel that you need a break from your caring role, we can help.

Everyone’s idea of a break is different, a break could be anything that helps you better cope with your caring role. For information and advice with planning your break, funding your break and sharing top tips from others, get in touch with us to see if we can help you have a break from your caring role.

Becoming a carer affects us all in different ways. Whether you felt you had a choice about it or were thrown into it because of circumstances, there is no doubt that caring for someone can be difficult at times. You may love the person you care for but the responsibility of attending to their daily needs can result in your own needs becoming neglected.

Leisure time is often the first thing that disappears for carers and the last thing they have time for, and yet it is one of the best stress relievers. Remember when you had time to meet people, go to the cinema or do whatever it was you used to enjoy doing?, would you like to regain that feeling?, then please get in touch.

We are here to help you take some “time out” for yourself and help you find and create the right break for you. We can spend time with you to think about what the best possible break for you would look like and help to make this a reality. Times are changing with the introduction of self-directed support and we will be here to help make this work for you.